Fulfilling The Divine Mandate

From The Father, In Jesus Name, Through The Holy Ghost

About Us

This is Not an Institution! This is Not an Organization! This is Not a Denomination! This is a PROGRAMME! Yes, Holy Ghost School is a mandatory DISCIPLESHIP Programme for a Complete Essence of Life. What is the purpose of life without a Deep Connection with the CREATOR OF LIFE Himself? How can one live a fulfilled life without being led by the HOLY SPIRIT on a Daily Basis?


Holy Ghost School ushers one into Greater Direction and Purpose for life via Personal Relationship with GOD. It is EASY! It is PRACTICAL! It is DO-IT-YOURSELF! It is SELF-DISCOVERY! It is neither owned nor overseen by any man but by the SPIRIT OF GOD!

Contact Us

Pioneer, The Holy Ghost School

As mentioned previously, Holy Ghost School is overseen by GOD Himself, for the programme simply means being led by the HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore, the ideal contact is the HOLY SPIRIT Who is available to “direct our path and teach us all things”. For this reason, our contact address is no longer permitted by the LORD GOD Who NOW wants everyone to come directly to Him.